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A specialist land investment company looking to purchase Greenfield Land, Woodland or Brownfield Land
Welcome to Strategic Farm and Land Investment

Specialist Land Investment Company

We at Strategic Land Investments are a specialist land investment company.

We are looking to purchase land without planning permissions but are within locations which may hold long-term potential for future developments or simply provide an us with an increase in capital value at some stage in time.

All purchases we make are on an un-conditional basis, with cash funding readily available.

What Are We Looking to Buy?

Greenfield land which is undeveloped and does not benefit from planning permission. This land can be located within a town or be rurally located. The current use can be for grazing, open space or amenity.

‘Government estimates have put the number of new homes needed in England at between 240,000 and 340,000 per year, accounting for new household formation and a backlog of existing need for suitable housing’.

Woodland that is located within a decent proximity to existing infrastructure. There are also tax benefits which can be profited from purchasing commercial woodland such as inheritance tax and capital gains.

Brownfield land we will look at some brownfield sites which we believe there is still value to be added. 

Farm/Agricultural land that is crop producing which may have some strategic element, this would need to benefit from minor infrastructure and a form of access.  

Why would you sell?

Landowners you may have excess acreage and you’re coming to an age where you want to release some capital from the land you have managed for decades. We can provide an easy route to a sale, without having to incur agency fees and months of marketing.

We can also offer overage agreements on purchases made, this in turn will have an adverse effect on the price we agree. However, the overage agreement will secure a long-term interest in the land for your relatives. 

What is an Overage Agreement?

This type of contract is used where the seller believes that there is potential for development of the property in the future and wishes to take a share of any increase in value as a result of work that the buyer might carry out (typically gaining planning permission).


Our acquisitions programme is growing and since the start of 2022 we have acquired £5M worth of assets. We are actively seeking for further sites to invest in across the UK.

Legal Team

We now have an established an in-house legal team who work solely on processing our acquisitions. This has been due to the large volume of purchases that we are undertaking, so this has enabled us to fully commit to getting deals over the line within the specified 28-day period.

Frequently asked questions

You have received a letter as a parcel of land that you own would have been collated into our land registry database. Our search criteria is land that benefits from minor infrastructure such as road access and should be within 0.25 Miles of existing dwellings or planning permissions.

We usually require landowners to produce their own expectations in value. In our experience we find that it is most beneficial for landowners to outline their expected values at the outset. We can produce values from market research and from looking into the feasibility of planning in the short to medium term to produce some guidance, however usually the best outcome is to understand your requirements from the start.

Our company has been set up as an investment arm by a consortium of residential and commercial property investors, based in the IOM and UK, who are looking to acquire land for their shared portfolio. Acquisitions are undertaken in our special purchase vehicles.

Our UK based consultants are based in our serviced office in Pimlico at Thomas House.

We simply ask all callers to provide a letter reference so that we can locate their title numbers within the database. Then we can provide them with feedback within 48 hours.

Transaction process

Following our initial conversation and once we have all relevant information needed, we will organise a site viewing with a consultant who will appraise the land for us.

Once feedback has been received from the viewing, we will then make you an un-conditional cash offer. (before a viewing takes place, we will require a valuation from the landowner).

Once in agreement we would look to conclude to an exchange within 28 days of receipt with completion to be determined. Completion time frame will be solely dependent on the value of the site.

Interested in selling us land?

We are ready to buy land, so if you are interested in selling your land to us then please contact us using the details below to arrange an initial conversation.


0208 159 1233


Thomas House

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Pimlico, London


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